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Subversion (svn) has a subversion (svnserve) server set to run via xinetd should you want to share a repository with others who do not have a SoC account.  We suggest using svn+ssh for those who do. Understanding how to use svn, including setting up a repository and the svnserve.conf file is the responsibility of the user. Please do not email us requesting support for this.  Typing ‘man svnserve.conf’ on the shells will give you details on setting up your configuration file, including how to add users for access to your repository.  The full manual is accessible online.  Please note that the version(s) that the book covers may not be the same version as what is installed locally.

The svnserver is run as uid nobody.  You’ll need to setup perms accordingly for the server to access your repository.  For this reason you should also not have your repository in your public_html space.