Written by Scott Ostrander   
Thursday, 02 February 2006 07:30

This guide is meant only to show the steps needed to setup RMAIL (a mailer that is used within emacs) to work with Maildir, which is used use within the School of Computing. This is not a general guide to the use of RMAIL. For more information, please consult the RMAIL section of the Emacs Manual.

Using RMAIL with Maildir

Setting up RMAIL to use Maildir is actually quite easy, which requires editing your ~/.emacs file, and creating a file in ~/Maildir:


  • Edit your ~/.emacs file

    Open up your favorite text editor and add these two lines to your .emacs file:

    (setq rmail-movemail-program "/uusoc/opt/bin/mdmovemail")
    (setq rmail-primary-inbox-list (list (expand-file-name "~/Maildir/.rmailfile")))

    The .rmailfile file is to trick RMAIL into knowing where and how to check your mail. Nothing is actually stored in this file, but it needs to exist for RMAIL to stat.

  • Create the .rmailfile file

    All you need to do is run the command touch ~/Maildir/.rmailfile to create that file we mentioned above.

Once this is done, the next time you fire up RMAIL it will grab mail out of your Maildir directory, but should look and behave exactly as it does with mbox-style mail files.

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